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A Lifetime of Service

A Lifetime of Service

Ray S. Hosier, Jr. fought for liberty his whole life, he believed deeply in America and he believed in the NRA. The legacy of honor and service he left behind inspired all who met him and his gift to the NRA helps to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the freedoms he fought so hard to defend in life.

Sadly, Ray Hosier passed away in 2011, but what he left behind was a lifelong legacy of service to his country and to his countrymen. Born in Syracuse, NY and raised in Minnesota, he enlisted in the Navy at just18 years old in 1942. What followed was an amazing career as a decorated naval officer and pilot serving on aircraft carriers and the Naval War College across three wars.

It was in the military during World War II that he met and married Shirley Claire Hosier, who was herself serving as a medical officer. Flying combat reconnaissance missions over Korea he received several commendations for bravery under fire including two Distinguished Flying Crosses. In 1965, after 23 years of service Ray Hosier retired with the rank of Commander and settled in San Diego.

It was in retirement that Ray Hosier decided to start a new career. Still pursuing a life of service, he joined the San Diego County Sheriff's Department as a Deputy, where he served 10 years on full time duty. Later he served as an Auxiliary Deputy and continued his education, eventually receiving Master's degrees in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science.

When it came to firearms his interest was always based on their use as the tools of freedom. Hosier used firearms to fight for freedom in defense of America around the globe and to help preserve the peace as a sworn law enforcement officer. He became a Life Member of the NRA in 1974 because he believed that only the NRA understood the value and importance of firearms and in preserving liberty for all Americans.

Ray Hosier survived his beloved wife by only a few years and leaving behind no children, he decided to will his entire estate to the NRA.

Among his most treasured personal effects, which were left to the NRA, were his military citations, photos of Hosier and his wife Shirley both in uniform, photos of Hosier as a young naval officer next to his plane on the rolling deck of an aircraft carrier, his father's well-worn bible, and his NRA membership card.

You too can leave a legacy. Contact (877) 672-4483 or email [email protected] to learn more.

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